Event Details - Clan Council 1119

Clan Council 1119


My Fellow Caledonians,

By the show of faith and rigid determination of our people, Anu has at last blessed our fair land with the presence of Their Majesties the Queens Blodwyn, Cerridwen, and Morrigan once again.

It has been too long since all three have walked among us, and without their balanced guidance many things have become forgotten and neglected.

It is with this in mind and at the explicit request of Their Majesties I am calling Council of the Clans.

We have information to be shared and discussed, decisions to be made - the world has changed and with that we must look to the future, or face being left behind.

All free people that call Caledonia home are invited to attend; whether they had the good fortune to be born here or the good sense to choose this land as their home; you are all Caledonian to me and your voice is welcome.

The isle of Nord Uvist was reclaimed from the vile Formor a number of years ago, by a force of Bears and Allies.

The Court of Tears granted stewardship of these lands have agreed to act as hosts, welcoming all to their new home, and in light of recent events the Ruling Lairds have accepted their offer.


Their traditions, and the ancient pact of hospitality are to be respected by all, without exception.


Though I write this now before the snow has started falling, I know that this will be a hard winter. Perhaps when we meet at the end of it, we will be able to forge together a purpose to take us into the Spring.

Donald McAylwyn - Laird Defender


OOC DETAILS: £30 ticket price

8th - 9th February 2019

Frogmore Grange Frog lane, Balsall Common West Midlands CV7 7FP

This is a two night, one day campaign social event - while the premise of the event is Bears-centric we welcome players from every faction and guild, however obviously it will be a heavy Bears faction theme.

There will be Bears only parts of the event planned by the event team - including the clan council - however obviously there may be player-led in character rules and suggestions for behaviour.

FOOD: We are currently finalising the menu for the weekend, Meal tickets will be available with a banquet style meal on Saturday night - we will contact everyone already booked to offer them these when they go live. We hope to have a banquet-only option for anyone who wishes for this too.

MONSTERS: We are looking for a small number of monsters for this event there will be no charge for a ticket, but meal tickets will be charged and we'd like to have coverage from Friday through Saturday. There maybe an opportunity for you to play your character at some point for a short time at the event.

While the overarching theme is a social we're sure you'll get opportunities to go and do proactive things - it will not be high combat - but we don't want anyone bored and there will be active plot throughout the weekend as well as probable opportunities for some combat.

It will be February! There is no provision for indoor accommodation however there is ample camping space, and with good planning and sensible gear this should be more than manageable for most experienced campers. There are also some local hotels a few people recommend the Premier Inn Balsall Common.

We recommend strongly that you bring ample cold weather kit - as even the indoor in character area can get chilly - and we'd also like to ask anyone with IC blankets to bring them along for having in the IC areas to be used if people get cold.


Sunday - time out for the event will be around 2am Saturday night - there is no play time on Sunday. We are aiming to have an out of character Bears General meeting, for discussion and feedback from 10am on Sunday morning. This is also open to anyone not attending the event who may be able to make it on Sunday morning.


If you have any queries get in touch with us at bearsfactionlt@gmail.com

Lairds of Caledonia

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