Stab Up and Shiv Em 06'

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Stab Up and Shiv Em 06'

Postby Cedric d'Vanion Mortain » Thu May 18, 2006 1:14 pm

Stab Up and Shiv Em 06
By Laird Cedric of Torment
(to the tune of Stand and Deliver)
I’m the dody arab guy that you forget to mention
Was once a slave, but now depraved
Not one for fools dissention
My ancestor has such complex ways and its my recollection
That mess with me and you will see my chopper in full action
Stab up and shiv em
Your money or your life.....
Dont try to kill us
You'll feel the diseased knife
Im the dashing Laird Provost, Once well spoken and so charming
But things have changed and when enraged I take pleasure in great harming
Whats the point of being nice when it just gets you nothing
My daggers gleam, their edge is keen
And I’ll just stand here laughing
I am the mighty Torrellan the leader of the pack
I trust them all, but i'm no fool
I’d have them on the rack
I lead my dodgy denizens into the throws of war
They're dark, they're bad, I think they're mad
And rotton to the core
We’re the feisty Mortain girls full of ruthless wiles,
Kyla dressed in shiving clothes, and Izzy’s latest styles.
We’ll lead you all a merry dance and we will lead the boys on
And when we’re done and we have won
We’ll lead you to the poison
I'm the crazy ritualist, the one that ended Sane
I've got a feeling that will always be my claim to fame,
And I'm the dirty thug who beat the sh*t out of poor huck,
I don't get paid to think or talk, i just get paid to ruck
We're the deadly clan mortain
So tired of all these losers
Of poncy speech of diplomacy and fools that would confuse us
Yes were the charming clan Mortain
And here's our declaration
F*ck with us and you might find
Your pattern perforated
Staaaaab up and shiv em
So funny we all cry……….
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