Lament for Teran

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Lament for Teran

Postby Lio'Ara » Thu Jun 08, 2006 4:26 pm

I know this is a bit after the fact, but it never got put up here. It was commissioned (I know not who by) of Cosaint (of the "I Hate You" fame) and it's been in the Bards Guild library for a while now.
Lament for Teran
A woman sits and weeps beneath the spreading boughs
Tear drops and broken dreams
Lost hope and salty gleams
Departed guide and friend, remembered moments now
Eyes red and breath so weak
Heartache begins to speak
Had you just called my name
I'd have come to your side
I long to hear your voice
I need to see your smile
Now the winds coaxes the leaves
To voice their lonely song
Where now our guardian brave
Oh where has Teran gone?
A circle of light blooms and casts it shadows deep
Warm fire and night so cold
Times shares and stories told
A young face turned away in privacy to weep
Vain fears and futured changed
Private world re-arranged
Why should I envy those
Who feel not now your loss?
Should I just carry on
Should I deny the cost?
And though all is as should be
Yet somehow it seems wrong
The campfire doesn't burn so bright
Now you are gone
Upon the sodden earth, laid out in state their dead
Dark blade and poisoned knife
Lost child and lonely wife
Discarded sureties, betrayal and bloodshed
Bright hope begins to die
As one a nation cries
Where is it written that life
Must be naught but pain?
What reason is there
For this blood we spill vain?
Is there never an ending?
How long must we be strong?
One thousand teardrops we have cried
Since Teran's gone
Born on another wind, a whisper in the leaves
All end and all may cry
But your pride will never die
Live free
Queen of the May
Pax est verbum
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