Drunken Necro (tongue in cheek)

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Drunken Necro (tongue in cheek)

Postby Torrellan Mortain » Tue Aug 01, 2006 7:05 pm

Your Missus is a Nutter (aka the drunken Necro)
Celtic Lammied Chain

“serious man,
your f*cking missus is a nutter.
My missus is dead well,
she wants to be at least 40 times a day….
I seen you last night, you were drinkin' down the bards,,
You were drinkin' with that bird you tried to chat up in the graveyard,
Can't say her name but she's got the evil eye,
And I feel an air of violence when I have to walk on by,
You can't deny it, it's something you can't miss,
That bird that’s hangin' out with you is dead like Dave’s kiss,
She mopes around and aint much of a dancer.
Face it son, she’s a Necromancer.
Oh son, your missus is a nutter!
Oh son, your missus is a nutter!
Oh son, your missus is a nutter!
Leave her at home! Your missus is a nutter!
I never seen a woman make a fuckin' Daemon cry,
And I never seen a woman tryin' to snap an arm with a thigh,
Now I have and its just across the pub,
And the worst thing is,
she's taking you out for a rub,
You don’t deserve it, you know it’s a fact,
But get mixed up with her you gotta suicide pact,
2 decays and 4 fatals too,
She's a wrecking ball and her dark arts the tools.
Binge kinking, binge kinking tried keeping up with your missus,
What was I thinking?
She was a real looker,
But it’s a shock to see her flatten 4 large trolls,
With one in a headlock!
Fighting with gateguards and eating their bits,
After she raises em up again she dont care who she hits,
Waking up on Sunday morning with bruises and cuts,
Face it son, your missus is nuts!
[Repeat Chorus]
Your missus was looking at my missus,
So my missus, sparked out your missus,
Your missus was looking at my missus,
So my missus, Fataled out your missus,
It was last week, what really got me thinking,
About how your missus goes nuts when we go drinking,
Last week, she ended up off her tits, she went on a binge,
And showed the bouncers her hits,
And it’s the threat of grievous bodily harm,
She needs to keep calm,
And use her charm,
I used to think it was funny,
It made me laugh,
When she killed and raised up the bar staff.
Stabbed a man with a comb, just to get a drink,
Theres no logic,
just start a kill, fight, kill, fight, kill
She grabs your throat, and stares into your eyes,
Have you ever seen a woman kill a man with her cries?
Oh son, your missus is trouble,
Everytime you get your cards she has double,
Does she have lammies?
I think shes trippin!
Stop lookin' at me love don’t want to be yer next victim.
[Repeat Chorus]
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