When the Cataclysm's over...

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When the Cataclysm's over...

Postby Erlend MacBeth » Mon Aug 21, 2006 11:33 am

A song which has become popular with the 1st Army, for some reason.
When the Cataclysm's over
(OOC: To the tune of When this bloody war is over which is to the tune of What a friend we have in Jesus)
When the Cataclysm's over
Oh, how happy I shall be,
I shall put away my armour
No more soldiering for me.
No more Cadres, no more choices -
I cannae take it any more!
No more grim Ancestral voices
Always prophesying war.
No more Heartland cities burning,
No more Conclave scum to fight,
No more old Empires returning,
No more ancient wrongs to right.
No more diplomatic scheming
With no one knowing foe from friend,
No arcane signs of cryptic meaning,
No more fear the world will end.
No more elemental forces
Putting mortals to the test -
Let the stars all run their courses,
Give us all a bloody rest.
No more mages making trouble -
Let their poxy rituals cease,
If Erdreja pops just like a bubble
At least we'll have some bloody peace.
"No, Daddy, don't tell me what to do. This is my life. You don't tell me what to do with my life - look what you've done with yours."

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