When first I came to Caledonia.

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When first I came to Caledonia.

Postby Malebron MacTrew » Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:47 pm

I'm not quite sure how to put this here. I adapted it earlier in the year, before events came to pass, and when many of those mentioned were still among us. But since I am unsure of my abilities to sing it to you, I shall write it here, perhaps.
When first I came to Caledonia
I got to trading at Banchory
I got to working with Marcus MacFook
A finer warrior, you'll never see.
But it was me and my brother Slaine-y
Two bigger shavers, ye na'er did see.
We're walking over to old Tae forest
To see young Joshy from far away.
I went to Marcus to gain my freedom
A cask of porter, for it a jar
But Marcus said that I could not have them
Till Formor's banished, from Orknejar.
So I went over, to their big harbour
I only went for, to see the spray
I saw a MacBeth, from Skarsferry over
She looked to me, like dawn of day.
If I had words like, the good McAylwyns
Or sense of humour, like MacFinns might,
A heart as true as, a bold MacGregor
A true love letter, to her I'd write.
So we went over, the highest mountains
Back now at home, as we used to be
Our mother Madrigal, stands in the doorway
Says there's a fire, and rooms for thee.
As I was walking, up to my chamber
I saw there Obi, who smiles at me
He says now, "Cousin, it's good to see ye
come sit with us now, and be at peace"
And now I'm home in, Caledonia
And I'll stand always, as Anu wills me
Till I am taken, to drink with Marcus,
That cask of porter, he'll broach with me.
I thank you for your time.
"...Shields may crush and swords may break, the valiant may run,
But we are Caledonian, we serve the Morrigan!"
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