For our illustrious leader

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For our illustrious leader

Postby Kianan » Fri May 18, 2007 5:06 pm

From the Dun
Kianan McAylwyn

From the Dun,
Came a warrior:
Under Geas,
Dark and Long.

No more kilt,
Only trews now:
Queenie's orders,
Douglas' son.


Pictish slaves,
Clan he freed them:
Chief of Pikies
Free to run.

Wife he lost,
Heads were taken:
Blood was spilt,
Honour done.


Came a squire,
Chosen warrior:
Blodwyn's Sori,
Blessed one.

Laoch Bran,
Noble leader:
Married Herc,
Bloodthunk's Mum.


Came a Laird,
Took the field:
Bound by oath,
Faction's one.

Laird Protector,
Anu's hero:
Now he leads us,
Home to Dun.

[Apologies to the author of 'From the North']
Kianan McAylwyn, Voice of the Pantheon of Anu
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