As sung round the campfire...

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As sung round the campfire...

Postby Kianan » Sat May 31, 2008 5:18 pm

A number of you seemed rather taken with this ol' Wolf song at the GEF, so apologies for invading the Song Corner but here's the lyrics if you want them. O'course I'll be happy to join you all and sing it for you too...


Voyage to Vinland

We set our sails and hauled our oars
Heading for the Gods alone know where
In the whale’s wake we left our shores
Heading for the Gods know where

We steered the wind that Asgard sent…
…And the waves did rage without relent

(chorus) So heave me heroes, heave and haul
Valhalla hails thee one and all

The clash of foam crests foamed and flew…
…And the hail and hoar frost hacked our crew

The albatrosses in the sky…
…Like Valkeyries where the vanquished lie


No time for fond dreams of your farms…
…Nor to dwell upon your lady’s charms

The mighty Midgard serpent’s tail…
…Did rise up above us like a flail


The seas turned black as boiling tar…
…And the shadow shrouds obscured our star

The maggot mouths munched on our hull…
…As we drifted in this turgid lull


As if by destiny was planned…
…Eventually we sighted land

(chorus x2)
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