I'm a Walker, Johnnie

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I'm a Walker, Johnnie

Postby Grey Goose » Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:33 pm

Now ye may be a Highlander,
A Lowlander, a Pictish man,
And I, I be an Islander,
And Land I fend for all the clan,

And ye may be a runner boy,
Just running coz you can,
But I'm a walker, Johnnie,
Johnnie Walker's who I am.

Now we have honour, you decry,
Where Highlands lie, while rustle herds,
But I my friend have honour-true,
So judge me through my deeds not words,


Now ye o'er on Mainland vast,
Cities of glass, you Lowland thrall,
Ye say ye rule for all of us,
I say ye rule for you're a fool,


Now Pictish lad I say te thee,
From in your tree, crafting your bows,
The fight's down here on coast and boats,
For Queens I take the final blow,


Now from stormy coasts we sail,
For we prevail, back to our home,
And when we see the lightouse glow,
It's then we know we're not alone,


Now the Sea it gives and takes,
the wave it breaks, on rocky shore,
But then the waters all arise,
And all the lives lost from Ishore,

But there I go now once again,
MacGregors take me too,
For my only home is Ishore,
And Ishore, I die for you.

By a wandering McMead Clansmen.

(More done as a massive o.o.c. thank you and homage to alex stringer for making the clan mcmead what it is today. You took it from zero to hero mate. Thank you.
Grey Goose

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