The Chosen Soldier

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The Chosen Soldier

Postby Ehlonna » Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:59 pm

My first offering of the season. Cuz, you know, I'm not worried about dying horribly at Elvas with ALL the Ancestors screaming at me...

With a prayer to the ancestors soft on his lips
A young soldier prepares for a battle of wits,
A battle of nerves and a battle of steel
To take payment in blood for a scar that won't heal.

With a cry to the ancestors loud in his chest,
He sets fast his jaw and hopes for the best
With the fear of the enemy he has to face
gripping his heart as it starts to race.

The blood of the ancestors pumps in his veins
urging him onwards, suppressing the pain
they come to him screaming to take up in arms,
and with their protection he'll come to no harm.

The fire of the ancestors burns in his eyes
watches detached as a comrade dies
He's fighting a war of the ages today
and though it is sunny his world turns to grey.

The wrath of the ancestors fast closing in,
He has no control, only knows he must win.
He will fight with the spirits of ten thousand men
nought saving he can let them rest again.

The fear of the ancestors has him in thrall
In a nightmare he watches yet more friends fall
And dreamstruck he fights like a puppet on strings
watching himself, the destruction he brings.

With the thanks of the ancestors whispered and deep
His mind starts to clear and he drifts into sleep
Exhausted and bloody and not sure what's real,
but he knows in their care he'll eventually heal.

The voice of the ancestors stays with him still
They've decided to stay and he hopes that they will.
For though his name rings out in every town
It was thanks to the Gods who did not let him down.

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