The Girl and the Crow

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The Girl and the Crow

Postby Esme MacIasgair » Thu May 28, 2009 2:29 pm

Dm C
I sat by the willow and gazed over fields
Dm C Dm
Leaves on the wind, passing by
I thought of the dreams I had dreamt as a girl
Dm C Dm
That one after one had to die
Then came there a little lass running
Gm F
With a wingbroken crow in her arms
She’s run through the green of the forest
Gm F A7
She runs to the near lying farms
Dm C
And her hair is fluttering wildly
Gm F A7
Her legs are so tired and wan
Dm C
But there’s hope in her eyes and a prayer on her lips
Dm C Dm
That the breath of the bird has not gone

The girls is so small and her hair is so light
And her cheeks burn so brilliantly red
The crow is croaking, it’s heavy and black
In a while it will surely be dead
But the girl is running to save it
The wingbroken crow in her arms
She knows she is running to safety and warmth
For that which is true and disarms
And with glistening eyes she is running
Though her legs are so tired and wan
For she knows it is true, what her father has said
If there’s breath then the bird has not gone

I started to tremble in dread and in need
With terror and fear I fell pale
For I knew, it was clear to me, there was no doubt
My ghost was the girl on the trail
For my hope is a wingbroken crow
And I am scared, running child
Who think there is someone to help me at home
Who’ll let me come in from the wild
While I’m running, my heart beat goes silent
My legs are so tired and wan
And there’s hope in my eyes and a prayer on my lips
But the breath of the bird has just gone
Þaðan koma meyjar margs vitandi þrjár ór þeim sæ, er und þolli stendr;
Urð hétu eina, aðra Verðandi, skáru á skíði, Skuld ina þriðju;
þær lög lögðu, þær líf kuru alda börnum, örlög seggja. - Völuspá
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