The Lay of Laird Dougie MacFinn

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The Lay of Laird Dougie MacFinn

Postby Nell McAylwyn » Fri Jun 26, 2009 7:13 pm

Though not exactly a song, I think this is the place for this, written in celebration of his birthday

The Lay of Laird Dougie MacFinn

What can I say of Laird Dougie MacFinn
Word of his prowess has spread afar
He leads from the front with a cheer and a grin
We’ll follow him into a fight or a bar.

His face is the face of a man you can trust
Broad shoulders can carry the weight of the world
His hand holds a sword for a parry or thrust
Or round a small delicate flower is curled

His chest it is manly and broad, never fear
It will weaken or flag in a fight.
It’s a shield for the Queens and a place for a tear
Of a lady when his other duties are light.

His legs they are pillars of sinews and steel
Shapely, and shown to their best in a kilt.
From his thigh to his calf from his toe to his heel
For strength and endurance our Dougie is built

Oe’r the rest of his frame I will draw a veil
Parts that are just for his dear one to see.
But if they’re like the rest of him, they’ll never fail
A real true Caledonian he

His prowess in battle is loudly acclaimed
Foes know his strength is that of ten men!
He’s a man for a fight, a great general he!
And he’ll lead us to battle again and again.

He can tell you a story or sing you a song
No woman ever refuses a dance!
He is wonderful company all the night long
(So I’m told) Though I’d find out if ever given the chance.

So lets drink a toast, in beer or in wine,
Caledonia’s whisky or Albion’s Gin,
Raise your glass high, just as I raise mine
To Dougie, our hero, Laird Dougie MacFinn
After love I ask of life just one simple thing,
Pray never let me see the time that would not let me sing !
Nell McAylwyn
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