For the Morrigan, and Kal

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For the Morrigan, and Kal

Postby Kianan » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:20 pm

As seen in the Testaments


Morrigan, Queen of War, there is fighting to be done,
Draw your sword, whet your blade, lead us till the battle's won;
Morrigan, Raven Host, charging into every fray,
With your might, with your wrath, you give vict'ry every day.

Lift your glass, drain your cup, cast your mind back to the day
When the knives in the dark came to take her life away;
We stood tall, we stood fast, marched out firm into the night,
We sang hard, we cried loud, as we gathered for the fight.

Noble Kal, proud and hard, mighty Laoch of the Boar,
Deadly charm, killer looks, Guardian of the Queen of War;
She was fine, she was tough, she was everything to us,
Chosen One, Morrigan, picked the finest lass to host.


Ignominy, cowardice, unaware of what they did,
Drew their blades, left their mark, but their crime could not be hid;
We sought hard, we sought fast, but we held our wrath at bay,
We were just, we stood true, and our vengeance won the day.

Queen of War, Raven Host, protector of our homes and farms,
She is Rage, she is Wrath, she is everything to us,
Noble Kal, Ancient Clan, bearers of a noble trust;
Strong of arm, strong of heart, fight for every cause that’s just!


Queenies’ grief, fuelled our rage, as we hunted in the dark,
Tensions raised, Allies roused, friends all joined without remark;
In the day, no stone missed, till the culprits spilled their tale,
Wisdom’s Rule, not denied, in the end we never fail.

Noble Kal, Killer Queen, wearer of the blue and green,
Hear us now, be with us, in our hearts be ever seen;
Morrigan, Chosen One, hear our cries and hear our roars -
With her Rage, with her Wrath, none will cross us in our cause!

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