Every Bear is Naked

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Every Bear is Naked

Postby Moist » Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:51 pm

From the hallowed pages of the McYokel Bull ...

(To the tune of a famous Monty Python song)

There are Harts in the world, there are Vipers
There are Lions and Gryphons and then
There are those that live in the desert .. but
I've never been one of them

Cos I'm a Bear in tartan
Of that fact there's surely no guilt
Cos the one thing they say about Bears is
There's nothing worn under the kilt

We don't take kindly to lawyers
We don't take kindly to plate
We don't take kindly to mages .. we're
A faction you really can't hate .. cos

Every Bear is naked
Underneath his kilt
If it gets real windy
You will get your fill

Every Bear's a hero
In the hills and glens
Every Bear is mighty
A fact you'll well to ken

Let the factions quiver
Behind their tower shields
We will make them tremble
On the battlefield

Every Bear is naked
Bears will win the day
Every Bear is fearsome
In their special way

Trannie, Wolfy, Dragon
Can't abide the sight
Of the Bears formation
Fighting for what's right

Every Bear is naked
Honour's champions all
Before our awesome warriors
Sassenachs will fall

Every Bear is naked
Every Bear is free
Every Bear is special
You and you and me!
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