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Dougie Dougie

Postby Robert F McCaullich » Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:54 pm

Dougie Dougie

By Rab

On the low road to Kintyre, there's a tavern you might go.
Full of craic and mighty heroes, and some faces you might know.
If thoughts of battle, drive you crazy, and you can't stand the smell of war..
Go to Dougie's, work the top shelf you'll be staggering out the door.

Dougie Dougie, you're the devil,
when you get behind the bar.
It was a glad day, for the Clan MacFinn, when this tavern you did begin.

From Kilrory to Dunblane, many heroes have been slain.
But ald Dougie carries on, never changing still the same.
If thoughts of death, drive you crazy, and you want to live for evermore.
Go to Dougie's work the top shelf, you'll be sleepin' on the floor.


If it's drink you want, and you're thirsty, go to Dougie's take a friend.
'Cause whiskey flows through the door, and ale pours from the gable end.
If thoughts of lager, drive you crazy, and you can't stand the smell of wine.
Go to Dougie's work the bar, all the ales are very fine.
If thoughts of vodka, drive you crazy, and you can't stand the smell of gin.
Go to Dougie's ask for mead, you know he'll have some bottles in.

Chorus +

Dougie Dougie, you're the right one, when we need a pint or two.
For there isn't a man in Caledonia, never been bought a pint by you.

Now Dougie is the greatest man in Caledonia there's no doubt.
Go with him down to the tavern, he'll stand you all a pint of stout.
If thoughts of thirst, drive you crazy, and you can't even smell a dram.
Look for the tavern by the ocean ask for Dougie, he's our man!

Robert F McCaullich

Oerl of Torridon

'When I gie my word, it is guid.'
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